Official Bio:

Shannan is a small business strategist + creative consultant who helps business owners meet their ideas with intention and ultimately create higher levels of influence + impact in their industry. She combines her background in event management with her creative spirit + strategic brain to paint the big picture and sail through the small details of purposeful plans + projects in business. 

Shannan is also the creator of Ideas With Intention, an educational platform + podcast existing to help entrepreneurial women prioritize what matters most, implement forward motion and finally see their wild ideas through. 

Shannan lives on the big island of Hawaii with her hunky hotel-managing husband, Josh. She’s always down for chatting over chai lattes (the spicier the better, and with almond milk please!) virtually or in-person about entrepreneur life + making waves in the world! Get to know her better + connect with her at!

Want to Interview Shannan?

There's nothing Shannan loves more than a good collaboration! She loves being interviewed and is totally open to chatting about the following topics: 

  • Turning Potential into Performance & Bringing Big Ideas to Life
  • Creating Higher Levels of Influence & Impact in Your Industry
  • Moving Forward as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur
  • Playing to Your Strengths & Staying In Your Own Lane
  • Intentionality & Prioritizing What Matters Most (in Life & Business)
  • Collaboration Over Competition in Business
  • Taking Risks & Going All In On Your Dreams