Official Bio:

Shannan is a Canadian girl living life out loud in California who recently broke all the rules of average by quitting her 5+ year corporate career and diving head first into being her own boss — all in the name of living a more intentional + inspired life. 

She’s a small business strategist, podcast host, and the founder of the Made For More Collective™ who helps visionary entrepreneurs turn their potential into performance, implement forward motion + bring their big ideas to life — ideas that not only exist in the world, but make it better. Shannan combines her background in event management with her creative spirit + strategic brain to paint the big picture and sail through the small details of purposeful plans + projects in business. Whether that’s campaign or brand specific, she loves nothing more than partnering with her clients to map it out + make it happen. 

Shannan thrives off of cultivating community, collaborating in creative ways + connecting with others who share her wild heart. She's always down for chatting over chai tea lattes (the spicier the better, and with almond milk please!) virtually or in-person about entrepreneur life + how to bridge the gap between dreaming and doing! Get to know her better + connect with her at!

Want to Interview Shannan?

There's nothing Shannan loves more than a good collaboration! She loves being interviewed and is totally open to chatting about the following topics: 

  • Turning Potential into Performance & Bringing Big Ideas to Life
  • Moving Forward as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur
  • Playing to Your Strengths & Staying In Your Own Lane
  • Intentionality & Prioritizing What Matters Most (in Life & Business)
  • Taking Risks & Going All In On Your Dreams
  • Collaboration Over Competition in Business